Oh My Vee! ;D

Name: Victor Pineda

Love: Gaming, Meeting New people, Getting Closer(;

HATE: People with no reasons for nothing.

Looking to: Get in a relationship sooner or later, but not worried about that one.

I don't trust people easily, so you shouldn't trust me easily either. Or probably I'm the most trustworthy person? Hmmmm(:

Today was horrible! Online wise. We did horrible with a new teamate. 6 loss streak; ain’t dat some shiet?! Well he is kicked now and i’m gonna do my hw. SEE YA!

Who loves to play!? THIS GUY! >:)

Hmm well my chest hurts >.< Or heart? I don’t know! NO i am not sad. At least I don’t think I am? But something may be wrong with me! I am feeling better though, i was sick. Now i just get these pains every now and then on my heart. Someone needs to cure this *wink wink* But really -.- No not the curing part, the hurting part! Today nothing happened. I felt sick, yaddi yaddi yadda. Talked on FB like always. Aim occasionally, and then gaming. Just another day with the routine in action. I can’t wait till some drama or something hits me. I’m so like non emotional about things now. I’ve been like this. I’m just like a pretender i guess. I try to have fun and be happy but there is just nothing to do now. If i was given a date where I’m gonna go somewhere, i tend to not be excited anymore. Thats just a detail on me at the moment! Lets see what goes on in the near future(:


This really gave me a laugh(X

Why do I get all these chills and emotions when I listen to this? Is it because of all the noobs i tore apart? All the friends I wrecked in Multiplayer? All the friends I made? All the clans I went to and beat? The times no one cared about anything that had to do with a girl? I don’t know, but I’ll tell you one thing. I LOVE Cod:4.

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Awesome song(:

Hmm Today I woke up sick -.- My voice sounds all cracky! lol its actually pretty funny(X But weekend was okayy i presume! Yesterday we were still winning some matches and everyone was just proud of me! I LOVED it. I wish I would get that all the time. Just comes to show that I love the feeling of being loved >.< Then I talked to people as well last night, some LONG status’ hehehe. Thats one story, and as of now; I am just afraid I’ll repeat some of the crap in my past. So lets try avoiding that until some things are just made certain kapeesh?! So Again, i woke up this morning sick; Means NO SCHOOL! >.< But i like school :( Not as much as i LOVE gaming though! lol Then there are just some things that one worries about. Well, not worry but maybe I am just getting the taste of jealousy? Hmm I dont know, I’ll try not to be that guy! Anyways, this is it for now. Lets see how the day goes(:


Today was an amazing day. Surely I did have to give up a few things. Such as going to Simrans birthday party. But I’m sure I can make up for that. Why you ask? Because I skipped her party to go to a tournament with my best friend and my partner Modern Skater (Ruben Colunga) and won first place! This was our first tournament also. I do feel sick though :( I woke up horribly! But this just made my life even better. The love life can wait I guess >.< It wasn’t 2k afterall :( We did scare people shitless though! They were ALL talking about us. Shit lagged alot! Started playing until 7 when it should’ve began at 5. Overall an AMAZING day. First tournament we come in first. Now if that’s not an accomplishment then I don’t know what is.

Well first of all nothing. The past few weeks nothing has happened. Why do I say nothing? This is because the stuff that HAS happened has lead me to no where. I don’t even know what to do in this little high school world right now. They say to find love, others say to live while I can. What do I do? There is nothing I can do to be happy. Just accepting life as it is. Trying to make people better, while just spending time with myself. Gaming has really just kept me busy at the moment. Everything else seems to bore me. Of course I do love my best friends. Some people I wish weren’t my best friends. Why? I know I will end up liking them. Yes I’m talking about girls obviously >.< But lets leave this here and just see what happens for now. I’ve done too much to be the one doing all the work still.

Ps. Tomorrow is a gaming tournament. Prize money 2k. Partner: ModernSkater aka Ruben. Wish me luck! I’ll try my heart out. If We lose first round, it will just show that I need more work. This is not something I’m giving up on.

My turn to follow this path -.-

My turn to follow this path -.-